Seller’s go the extra step

When you call a Realtor for advice, take that extra step and follow that advice.  If you have come up with an agreed price based on what you will do, and do none of it… it will effect the Value and the Time on the Market!

It’s easy to go back after the fact and yell at the Realtor for the home not selling or the fact that you are receiving low offers.  But, when you point a finger at the Agent you have 3 pointing back at you.  Accept that selling a home takes ‘Team Work.”  It’s a joint effort that will not be as successful without the Owners involvement.

If you are motivated to sell your home or property… prove it!  Help the agent and yourself by showing ‘effort.’  Or price the home or property ‘as is,’ and accept that it will not sell for as much as first thought.

Best of Luck in HOT Summer Market!  Make your move be a positive one!