Should I stay, or Should I go?

It all depends on who you talk to.

Headlines like these: HEADING INTO 2021, housing market experts are predicting a year of high demand and rising home prices. After an initial drop in housing market activity last spring coinciding with stay-at-home orders and closed businesses, homebuying and selling rebounded quickly. Buyers are still eager to move, but the lesser supply of homes on the market in many parts of the U.S. is contributing to rising home prices. As a result, it remains a seller’s market that benefits homeowners who are choosing to sell now.

You’re on the fence about selling? What are your choices? Put your house up for sale now! Take advantage of the current demand. Or you can wait out the pandemic (however long that takes) for a more vivid picture of the future of the economy. Or stay in your current home for the foreseeable future.

others say: Housing activity is expected to remain strong in 2021

You be the judge. Many say, growth is likely to decelerate in the second half of 2021 due to the global pandemic. As many many have experienced, Buyers are faced with more competition, and are forced to act quickly or loose out on their ‘dream’ home. Despite millions being payed-off house hunting has not slowed its pace. Rather than seen prices come down we have seen an over all record breaking growth since June 2020.

Due to a number of factors: an intense housing demand, and low rates. Builders are not able to keep up with the demand of new homes. Home prices are presently at a point of no longer being affordable for the first time homebuyer. So if you’re ready to buy… accept you have entered a sellers market and may pay more for a ‘move-in’ ready home.

Are you considering selling a home? This is a Great time for those with well maintained homes. However, if you have a fixer upper, or something dated you may wish to team up with an investor. listens to your goals and has ideas 💡 to help you get the best price for your ‘as is’ property. Do not despair! Call 📞 us: 540-455-1086, we care and offer solutions within your budget.

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