Should I Hold or List my Home?

Last week I had two potential Listings let me know they were going to hold off selling.  My scheduled closing for Monday of last week happened on Tuesday due to the COVID Virus that is sweeping the Globe.  What are we doing?  Where are we going?

Truly we live in unprecedented times!  Are you still working inspite of the unrest caused by this global virus?  Many people are working with minor adjustments to their daily routines.  A lady, I met, at Snap Car Buying, Chantilly, Virginia, is still planning to purchase a home within the next 12 months.  Snap Car Buying is a wonderful used car business that stands behind every vehicle they sell with a 7 day return policy!

My business partner and I are still planning on listing a townhouse by the middle of April.  I have a closing taking place this afternoon.  I looked at an investment property last week…. so, even though some are frightened into changing their plans; others are not.  Business goes on.  The stock market took a major fall… but yesterday it was adjusting up again.

Have I scaled back?  Yes, I am choosing to view new listings online rather than walking through them.  I am doing more business online as are all those around me.  I am spending more time at home rather than going into Elevate, Culpeper, Virginia.  An excellent ‘work share’ office space on Davis Street.  Great energy there!  I am cutting back on physically socializing for the next few weeks.

As schools across the state are now closed I am spending more time with our pre-teen child.  I am forced to re-balance work vs home life.  Yesterday, he and I had to run to Culpeper and we were both surprised to see that the pre-school at the Baptist Church was open with many little ones running around the yard.  So, in some regards life continues as normal even as other areas have drastically changed.  Walmart is only open between 8 – 6 pm.  Many restaurants have had too close based on their business model.  I noticed fast food isn’t as effected as sit down restaurants when it comes to operating.  Everywhere has seen a drop in business overall.

That being said… the answer to the initial question is that some people will no longer qualify at the moment for a loan.  Many around the globe are laid-off for the next few weeks as we wait for this virus to pass.  The good news it that… this Virus will pass.  It will fade away and we will all be able to return to the business at hand.

Considering other countries have closed boarders and restricted citizens from travel, should we as Americans not desire to do the same until this virus has time to die out?  Let us not allow it to continue to infect others due to our stubbornness.  Let us be a unified country that chose to cooperate in an effort to kill this virus before it picks up more speed.

Let's Weather this storm
America can withstand any storm as long as we Unite.

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