BBB: Complaint Submitted

In 2004 The BBB met they would contact a business you had an issue with.  That business would communicate and come to a resolution you could not get on your own.

Flash forward to 2020, the BBB is automated.  Sometimes it works, and sometimes business simply change their LLC name and act as if there was no issue to resolve.

When you chose a Realtor, a national name brand is not always the solution.  Real Estate is still a localized business. What is working in Northern Virginia may not work in Culpeper County!

When I moved to the Culpeper area six years ago homes commonly sat on the market for a year or more!  I decided to preview as many homes as I could weekly.  I saw homes well lived in.  All their flaws for every one to see, ‘just as they are,’ type of sales.  I thought back to a home I once listed in Fredericksburg that smelled terrible!  Before putting it on the market we hosted a ‘Yard Sale.’  And sold loads of stuff left by tenants.  Even without power or water in the home I did some basic cleaning and we mowed the lawn.  Just those small efforts netted the seller a good price in a weeks time!  How much more could I do in Culpeper?  Staging inside and out, and a through cleaning goes a long way in any market.  I have repeated success with a proven strategy.  I even put it in a book I offer to Sellers that List with me.

Clean, Clean, Clean
what is obsolete?

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TC Cooksley

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