Rash Season

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It’s that time of year when you want to be out in the yard or garden or enjoy a hike.  You feel invigorated by the Great Outdoors!  Then you wake up the next day to ….  what is it…  loads of itchy, red dots and blisters spread in various parts of your body!

Ugh!  Why didn’t I stay inside?  Why am I drawn outside

only to awake to spots!   If you’re like me, you would rather seek a home remedy rather than run to the doctor.  When the tried and true wasn’t getting quick results I turned to the modern day encyclopedia… yep the Internet.  Loads of ideas and options there.  What kind of cream should I try next?  I was amazed at how common and widespread itchy skin rashes appeared to be on the web.  The conditions is linked to a variety of causes: poison plant life such as: poison ivy, poison oak, sumac, general allergies, eczema, parasites, etc.  Over-the-Counter medicated creams like hydrocortisone or corticosteriod creams, age old standby of menthol or camphor, help tame the itch and clear up the rash.  Oral antihistamines may also relieve itching.  It’s important to note that different causes may require different treatments.  Regardless, the more you’re able to avoid itching the easier it will be to contain and dissolve the rash.  It seems recommended you only use these creams for no more than three weeks at a time.  If a rash continues after that or you have a sever case it is best to seek a health care professional.  Be sure to wash your hands frequently with warm water and soap to avoid spreading.  When all else fails consider it a lesson in patience…. because most rashes do heal if you can bear the itch!


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