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You’re Ready to Make a Move!

Where do you begin?

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Look around your home.  Think about what made you move there to begin with.  Was it the yard, the kitchen, space in the garage?

Great! You’re there!  Look at your motivating corner now.  Is it cluttered?  Do you need to rent a Storage Unit to begin the process storing personal items before you list the property?  Less is more when selling property.  Storing helps you with your resolve to make that move because you’ll already be boxed and wrapped and ready to go!

What can you ‘live’ without for the time it takes to sell your house?  Anything not used weekly or daily is a great place to start.  Can you simplify your closet to just 5 – 7 outfits for a while?  Do you ‘over stock’ supplies like toilettes, pots & pans, extra dishes?  They can all go to storage to make your place seem larger, clean and neat.

When was the last time the walls had a fresh coat of paint?  This may be the time to paint them light and airy.  Deep clean carpets.  Does the wood floor need a new coating or just a buff?  Have you resealed the grout lately?

NAR repeatedly says year after year ‘curb appeal matters!’  Walk out to the road and really look at the yard, and home front.  What could make it more appealing?  Does the front door and shutters need a fresh coat of paint?  If so, use something with shine rather than matte.  You want the front to stand out!  Does the front or sidewalk need a pressure washing?  This is a great time to get it done!  Do the shrubs need pruned or replaced?  Does the grass need mowed?  Would flower in pots or boxes, or along the sidewalk make it more charming?  When was the last time you mulched the beds?  Fresh mulch is an appeal to the senses!

Some Realtors offer ‘Staging Advice.’  Others recommend a professional ‘Stager’ to come to your home as part of the listing.  Often you get what you pay for.  In todays market you may pay a lower commission, but pay extra for services.  Consider what is best for you.   Based on your situation how quickly do you want your property sold?  Are you prepared to ask for the highest price in the market while doing the least amount of work and paying the least amount of commission?  Great! Expect to sit on the market a while.

If you want it sold fast… put aside your ideas that you have the best home on the street, listen to an experienced Realtor when you ask for advise.  Be willing to pay a little more to get your property sold quickly.  A little effort will go a long way!














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