A Home for the Season?

Did you hear… the Fed’s raised rates just before the end of 2018.  Talk is they would have liked to raise them more than the quarter of a point, but the economy doesn’t warrant a huge rate hike.  The more positive talk in politics the better the country rumbles along.  The more political back and forth… which leads to indecisiveness or not decisions at all the worse it is for Real Estate.

So, what am I saying?  Even though we are in rough waters with fewer homes on the market over all the prices are up!  Good news for Sellers.  Not so good for buyers.  New home sales are always going to be higher than the price of an existing home.  Additionally, more and more people want ‘new’ vs ‘existing.’

Of course some will always say, “I would rather buy and existing home.  No unknown settlement issues that way.”  “I can make it my own, it won’t be a cookie cutter inside.”  “I want to ‘update’ a home to make it my own.”  “All the appliances and Heating System is new, and it’s less expensive than building one.”  I have come to believe its a personal preference.

Just when is the Best Time to List?  My answer is: ‘When you’re ready to let go that’s when its time to sell.’  Homes sell twelve months of the year.  Prices are typically higher in the Spring and drop a bit by October.  But not everyone wants to sell in spring and summer.  Are you buying land?  You may prefer to walk the land in the fall when there are no leaves to ‘see through the trees.’  When the foliage is in full bloom you may not be able to see the ‘lay of the land.’  Are you buying a multi-unit property?  In that case it may be discounted in summer if its near a college or university.  The purpose of using a Realtor for your real estate transaction is the value of knowledge and experience.  Do you cast your own leg when you break it?  No.  You go to a doctor for their knowledge and experience.  This is why real estate is regional.  United Real Estate Exponent is a Franchise Office in Culpeper, Virginia; of United Real Estate, a subsidiary of United Country Real Estate.  Boom!  Now, my office just became a National and International Company via those affiliation!  An small office of a bigger company provides National and International Exposure to every property I list!  If you list with an independent boutique shop you will not receive that broader exposure.  Ask about a brand, do they have a regional presence, a statewide presence? Or National presence?  Keep in mind, Zillow, Redfin, etc., to do not list every home available for sale, they simply list most of them.  Listing with a regional office of a National or International Company provides you with a larger resource to draw on.  If you live in a subdivision that’s an HOA of average homes near a great school it may not matter what Real Estate Company you go with.  As long as they have a good reputation.  But if you have the largest home in the subdivision or a unique home or lots of land… then a broader presence may become important.

Seek an agent with a clear marketing plan for your property.

The best agent and the best company are not necessarily the most popular names in town.  Its the one that gets your property sold in a timely fashion for a price acceptable to you! Keep that in mind when interviewing agents down  the road.  Some advertise that if the home doesn’t sell in a certain time frame they will buy it from you… be sure to read the fine print about what that purchase price from them may be.  It is not usually the list price.

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