Do you need a property manager?

Perhaps you were not aware that Real Estate is a Local Transaction.  Different States have different laws and rules.  In some cases, such as codes, those codes are by County or Cities.

Do you realize a Licensed Realtor has to take classes before taking a State Exam?  And then those Realtors are required to take additional credit courses over the next 2 years to renew their license.  This doesn’t mean they know everything about real estate, it means they have committed to learn about real estate.

There are many aspects of Real Estate, and most Licensed Realtors choose to pursue one of those fields, the most well known to the public is the Residential Realtor.  But are you aware that Property Management is a specialized field?  As is the Commercial Realtor or a Business Broker, or to become a Real Estate Auctioneer.

Property Managers deal with tenants that do not pay, that have changed their mind about completing their contract.  A Property Manager has to deal with Landlords that do not always want to make timely repairs or live up to their end of a contract.  A property manager has the daily struggle of finding a happy medium for both the landlord and tenant.  Or playing the role of ‘bad guy’ when one or the other is way out of line.

A Lease Agreement spells out how a landlord and tenant can share the responsibility of a home.  A Property Manager is paid to be the middle man to see that contract is followed through.


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