What are today’s buyers looking for?  It varies on LOCATION!  The biggest part of a home’s value is based on the Location, second is Curb Appeal, third is what’s inside.  Last spring a lady wanted to sell a wonderful home still overflowing with her stuff.

I asked her during our appointment, “Are you going to do minor repairs and paint?”

She said, “No.  I don’t have the energy to bother.”

“Are you willing to tidy up, and give it a good cleaning?”

Again she responded, “No.  This place will sell as it is.  I loved this home.”

That significantly lowers the value.  Sadie agreed it did effect the value but a local investor had offered her $390,000 as is in writing.  She pulled out the paper to show me.  I was certain we could do better than that because she had an all brick home on 2 acres with a 3 car garage.  Those are big selling features in our area.  Especially the garage.  I had Curb Appeal, I had Location working in my favor.  The inside needed some love.

I had multiple offers within 2 hours of it hitting the market.  She got her price over and above what the investor offered.  However, she had to empty and clean the home prior to the buyers taking possession.  After she had moved to a smaller home she said, “I could have gotten more for my home.”

“Yes, indeed,” I agreed.  “If you had been willing to paint, and clean you could have gotten more.  But at that moment in time your heart was not in to doing what needed to be done!

Commercial Real Estate is a numbers game.  When dealing with investors in residential one deals with the numbers.  Real Estate in Residential is generally very personal and emotional.  I keep hearing there is a shortage of homes on the market throughout the country.  And yet, as I look at homes on the market in the Culpeper, VA area I see 247 homes in the 22701 Zip code alone; 60 of which have been on the market for over 6 months!  Why?  Why would we have 24% of homes in a market listed for over 6 months when we have a shortage?  There are several reasons this is the case.  The first one that comes to mind is pricing.  The second one in this area is that over 50 of these listings had less than 10 photos taken… 2 had no photos at all.  In an image society where the average buyer begins their search online this is a deal killer.  These buyers literally never see your home for sale!  Those that agree to come by generally are looking because they missed out on the home they really wanted.  What are these Sellers looking for in a Realtor?  If you want excellent service look for a Realtor with designations and experience, like myself. Or a new agent you know that has a seasoned agent to work along side of them.  The biggest issue with new agents isn’t lack of experience, it’s lack of training and guidance.  I am looking for Homeowners in Culpeper, VA ready to list with me!  I have a proven marketing plan and a great deal of heart and knowledge to help you sell your home!


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